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Where I try to sum myself up in a few words

My name is Alexander Rossa and I am a 21 years old Software Developer and student at the University of Hull. I originally come from Slovakia, but I have spent the last few years in the United Kingdom, first working and then studying. What you are looking at is my online portfolio, which should give you an idea of what I would be like as an employee. Let me reserve these few sentences to tell you what I am like as a person.

Apart from my interest in technology and software, I am a passionate reader and music listener. I have fallen in love with the written word at the age of four and never recovered. As a child, I did not want to be a fireman or an astronaut, but a writer. I have a strong sense of design, a character trait which sometimes borders with obsessiveness. I used to sport a lot, but recent injury stands in the way of that at the moment. As far as hobbies go, I also like the combination of creativity, exploration and practicality that cooking offers.

I tend to spend long winter evenings scrolling through Wikipedia pages with all the things I want to know and long summer evenings breathing in the atmosphere of the world at its liveliest. I feel deep respect towards nature, science and anyone who refuses to be blinded by hate and fear. I keep my mind wide open and my hands just the right amount of busy. And I try to do everything I do as well as I can, because I believe that is the only right way to do things.

Also, I plan to connect my blog when I will finish making it work, so even if you are not looking to employ, feel free to come back later and have a look.


These are some of the projects I want to share with you


Unity Game targeting Smartphones


Multipayer Game made in Unity

The Column

Interactive 3D Graphics Simulation

Ski Lodge Manager

C# WPF Application

Space Cheese Miner

C# Console Application

Cats on Clouds

HTML5 Canvas App


Short overview of my magic powers


  • HTML5 & CSS3 85%
  • JavaScript 75%
  • PHP 40%

As for HTML and CSS, I feel quite proficient in both of these. Right now I am familiarising myself with various preprocessors such as Haml and Jade for HTML and Sass and Less for CSS.

I have delved into the realm of JavaScript multiple times, mainly for my personal projects. Although not a master by any merit, I am familiar with concepts like its prototype-based OOP and I have used libraries like jQuery in the past. Speaking about extensions, I am also well-versed in Bootstrap - even this portfolio is built using it.

Last language on the list, PHP, is my weakest domain of the four. I can read and modify it without problems but due to the lack of practice so far, I would not be as confident in writing it from scratch as I should. I used it in the past mainly to communicate with MySQL DB for some of my projects and to setup my WAMP server.


  • Python 95%
  • C# 85%
  • Java 50%

At the top of the list, there is Python. A language that I delved into only relatively recently but one that I feel most comfortable with nonetheless. Its combination of flexibility and power really speak to me and it is simply fun to program in. It is also the defacto language of choice for machine and deep learning, topics that I have largely focused in the past year. I love Python.

C# is arguably one of my strongest programming languages. It is the primary language used during my University studies and it is also the language I used for scripting games in Unity. It introduced me to concepts of OOP programming such as inheritance, polymorphism or encapsulation.

My experience with Java dates to my pre-University times when I first tried to learn how to code. With help from various tutorials and a book on Java, I have coded mainly in console using Eclipse IDE. I have also had a brief look at the Android Studio IDE which I am going to use for the next big project I have planned.


These are the skills that it is hard to categorize and to quantify but are nonetheless relevant indicators of my abilities. I have a lot of experience with Working in a Team, be it hackathons, extracurricular projects or previous jobs. I am also proficient in instruments used for collaboration like GitHub, SVN, Basecamp, Slack and Spark. Since it is not only instruments, but interpersonal skills that are needed for successful teamwork, I will talk about these too. I am open, altruistic and hard-working individual. I always aim to complete the project as well as possible, while ensuring that all the team members are feeling heard, useful and a part of it.

I also possess the ability to efficiently work alone. Having good planning and prioritizing skills, I can keep myself focused and motivated to see things through. I consider my enthusiasm and deep passion for everything I do to be one of my most important skills. They give me edge when dealing with unexpected and persistence when getting stuck.

The last set of skills I want to talk about is not directly related to work, but I believe is necessary for being able to create things and build relationships that last and resonate. These are my character traits such as my strong sense of ethics and justice, my deep interest in a range of social, political and environmental issues as well as my well rounded knowledge about the world, culture and science.

I can also make delicious coffee, write beautiful stories and keep my head cold when the world is falling apart.


A subset of events that my professional life consists of

  • October 2004

    I Created my First Website

    Taking advantage of the early Drag & Drop builders, I created a fan-page for a popular series. Although mostly pre-made and basic, my 8 years old me delved into the realm of HTML, CSS and even PHP.

  • September 2015

    Started studying at the University of Hull

    Where I discovered my inner geek and became all the more intrigued by the world of technology.

  • February 2016

    Tried to Create a Game

    Along with one of my coursemates we wanted to test our skills and create a game for smartphones in Unity. Althought after two months we decided to discontinue our efforts, I have learned an awful lot, not only about programming, but also about working with others. It also helped me to prepare for..

  • April 2016

    Participation in Three Thing Game

    Where I and a couple of other first years attempted to create a (mind-blowing) game in 24 hours and succeeded. Our top-down shooter was really fun to play and to look at and we went on to win second place overall. Not bad for first years.

  • October 2016

    Attended Cisco University Challenge 2016

    And another hackathon, this time at Cisco HQ in Bedfont Lakes. Being relatively new to the domain, it was hard at times, getting all those unknown APIs to work, but people at Cisco and other participants ensured that I was having loads of fun in the process. Although our team did not win this one, we created a pretty neat prototype and went home tired, but satisfied.

  • January 2017

    Got Interested in Machine Learning

    For a long time, I was intrigued by all the bits of knowledge about Machine Learning that I had and I decided to put them all together. I took numerous courser on Coursera and edX as well as watched lectures from Stanford or Oxford online. I started reading blogs and academic papers about the subject and found myself absolutely consumed by it.

  • June 2017

    Spent Summer Interning as a Researcher at the Digital Centre

    Where I met a lot of amazing people and experienced what academic research looks like. As a bonus, it was research in my favourite Deep Learning.

  • January 2018

    Chosen for a Lab Demonstrator at the University

    Where I will help students from several modules understand the material and guide them towards completing their lab work and coursework.

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